Discusión:Lista de plantas medicinales de las Repúblicas Oriental y Argentina

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I have exhausted searches for information on Ernesto Paccard, and I have found nothing about the year of his death. It is available on Google Books, and I believe the follow the same rules as Commons; free of copyright in the country being viewed from (in my case, US) and the country of publication. The copyright law of Uruguay is 50 years, which means that Ernesto Paccard would have had to die after 1962; with this book being published in 1905 it is certainly a possibility. Ernesto Paccard would have had to live another 57 years after the publication. If anyone can find any information or has access to Uruguayan databases, please do. - Theornamentalist (discusión) 14:58 26 may 2012 (UTC)