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plotted there, and there the 20th of June and the 10th of August will yet be organized.

A little further off is the National Assembly. Its sessions are held in the riding-school built when the little Louis XV. was to be taught horseman- ship. It adjoins the terrace of the Feuillants. One of its courtyards which looks towards the front of the edifice, is at the upper end of the rue de Dauphin. The other extremity occupies the site where the rue Castiglione will be opened later on. There, close beside the Tuileries, sits the National Assembly, the rival and victorious power that will overcome the monarchy.

The Assembly terrorizes the Tuileries. The Jac- obin Club terrorizes the Assembly. Close beside the Hall of the Manége, 011 the site to be occupied afterward by the market of Saint-Honoré, the revo- lutionary club holds its tumultuous sessions in the former convent founded in 1611 by the J-acobin, or Dominican, friars. The club meets three times a week, at seven in the evening. The hall is a long rectangle with a vaulted roof. Fourrows of stalls occupy the longer sides, while the two ends serve as public galleries. Nearly in the middle of the hall, the speaker’s platform and the president’s writing-table stand opposite each other. Hither

come all ambitious revolutionists who desire to talk,

to agitate, to make themselves conspicuous. Here Robespierre lords it, not being a deputy in conse- quence of the law forbidding members of the Con-