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see the heads of all four fall at once, in the midst of loud applause, under the blade of the good (loctor’s machine. People amuse themselves with their fut- ure instrument of torture as if it were a toy. In a Girondin salon they play at guillotine with a move- able screen that is lifted and let fall again. At elegant dinners a little guillotine is brought in with the dessert and takes the place of a sweet dish. A pretty woman places a doll representing some polit- ical adversary under the knife; it is decapitated in the neatest possible style, and out of it runs some- thing red that smells good, a liqueur perfumed with ambergris, into which every lady hastens to dip her lace handkerchief. French gaiety would make a vaudeville out of the day of judgment. Poor soci- ety, which passes so quick from gay to grave, from lively to severe, and which, like the Figaro of Beaumarchais, laughs at everything so that it may not weep!