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T has been supposed until lately that after the day when he bade farewell to the royal family at the beginning of the Varennes journey, Count de Fersen never again saw Marie Antoinette. A new publication of very great importance proves that this is an error, a11d that the Swedish nobleman came to Paris for the last time in. 1792, and had several interviews with the King and Queen. This publi- cation is entitled: Extraits des papiers du grand maréchal de Suéde, Comte Jean Axel de Fersen, and is published by his great-nephew, Baron de Kinck- owstrom, a Swedish colonel. There is something romantic in this episode of the mysterious journey made by Marie Antoinette’s loyal Chevalier, which merits to leave a trace in history.

Fersen was one of those men whose sentiments are all the more "profound because they -know how to veil them under an apparently imperturbable calm. A soul of fire under an exterior of ice, as the Baron- ess de Korff describes him, courageous to temerity, devoted to heroism, he had conceived for Marie Antoinette one of those disinterested and ardent