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Fersen, June 27, 1791: “Be at case about us; We are living,” and Fersen replied: “I am well, an_d


live only to serve you.’ June 29, she Wrote him another letter in which she said: “Do not write to me; it would endanger us; and, above all, do not return here under any pretext; all would be lost if you should make your appearance. They never lose sight of us by night or day; which is a matter of indifference to me. Be tranquil; nothing will hap- pen to me. The Assembly desires to treat us with gentleness. Adieu. I shall not be able to Write to you again.”

i\Iarie Antoinette was 11'} error when sh.e supposed sl1e would not write again. She Was in error, like- wise, when she imagined that Fersen, in spite of all dangers and difficulties, would not find means to

see her again. Their correspondence was not inter- '

rupted. After the acceptance of the Constitution, Marie Antoinette Wrote to him: “Can you under- stand my position and the part I am continually obliged to play? Sometimes I do not understand

‘myself, and am obliged to consider whether it is

really I who am speaking; but what is to be done? It is all necessary, and be sure our position would be still worse than it is if I had not at once assumed this attitude; We at least gain time byiit, and that is all that is required. I keep up better than could he expected, seeing that I go out so little and endure constantly such immense fatigue of mind. What with the persons whom I must see, my writo