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family should depart separately and in disguise, a11d that, once outside of his kingdom, Louis XVI. should call for the intervention of a congress. The following passage occurs in the letter of the Swedish King to Marie Antoinette: “I beg Your Majesty to consider seriously that violent disorders can only be cured by violent remedies, and that if moderation is a virtue in the course of ordinary life, it often becomes a vice when there is question of public matters. The King of France can re-establish his dominion only by resuming his former rights; every other remedy is illusory; anything except this would merely open the way to endless discussions which would augment the confusion instead of ending it. The King’s rights were torn from him‘ by the sword; it is by the sword that they must be reconquered. But I refrain; I should remember that I am address- ing a princess who, in the most terrible moments of her life, has shown the most intrepid courage.” Fersen obtained permission from Louis XVI. to accomplish the mission confided to him by Gustavus III. He left Stockholm under an assumed na.1ne and with the passport of a Swedish courier, and reached Paris without accident, February 13, 1792. He was so adroit and prudent that no one suspected his presence. On the very evening of his arrival he wrote in his journal: “Went to the Queen by my usual road; very few National Guards; did not see the King.” Fersen, therefore, only reappeared at the Tuileries in the darkness, like a fugitive or