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Upsal, member of the Seraphim Order, grand marshal of the kingdom of Sweden, there will remain i11 tl1e depths of his heart a wound which nothing can heal. An inveterate fatality will pur- sue him as it had done the unfortunate sovereign of whom he had been the chevalier. He will perish in a riot at Stockhohn, June 20, 1810, at the time of the obsequies of the Prince Royal. Struck down by fists and wa1kin.g—sticks, his hair pulled out, his clothes torn to rags, he will be dragged about half- naked, rolled underfoot, assassinated by a maddened populace. Before. rendering his last sigh, he will succeed in rising to his knees, and, joining his hands, he will utter these words from the stoning of Saint Stephen: “O my God, who callest me to Thee, I implore Thee for my torm_entors, Whom I pardon.” If not the same words, they are at least the same thoughts as those of Marie Antoinette our the platform of the scaffold.