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seriously intending to come to his sister’s aid that he was carried off by sudden death. Though she did not desire a war between Austria and France, the Queen h.ad persisted in wishing for an armed congress, which would have been a compromise between peace and war, but which the National Asseinbly would have regarded as an intolerable humiliation. It must not be denied, the situation was a false one. Between the true sentiments of Louis XVI. and his new r6le as a constitutional s0\'e1'eig11, there was a real incompatibility. As to the Queen, she was on good terms neither with the é2m'Lr/re’s nor with the Assembly.

In order to get a just idea of the sentiments shown by the énngrés. it is necessary to read a letter" written from Treves, October 16, 1791, by Madame de Raigeeourt, the friend of Madame Elisa- beth, to another friend of the Princess, the Marquise de Bombelles: ‘‘I see with pain that Paris and Coblentz are not on good terms. The Emperor treats the Princes like children. . . . The Princes cannot avoid suspecting that it is the influence of the Queen and her agents which thwarts their plans and causes the Emperor to behave so strangely. . . . Some trickery on the part of the Tuileries is still suspected in this country. They ought to explain themselves to each other once for all. Is the Queen afraid lest the Count d’Artois should arrogate an authority in the realm which would diminish her

own? Let her be at ease on that score; she will