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i11g to maintain confidence. In the first place, I repeat, it would put a check on the émigrés, and, moreover, it would make an impression here from which I hope much. I submit that to your better judgment. . . . Adieu, my dear brother; we love you, and my daughter has particularly charged me to embrace her good uncle.”

\Vhile Marie Antoinette was thus turning towards Austria for assistance, the National Assembly at Paris repelled with energy all thought of any intervention whatsoever on the part of foreign powers. January 1, 1792, it issued a decree of impeachment against th 3 King’s brothers, the Prince de Conde, and Calonne. The confiscation of the property of the émigrés and the taxation of their revenues for the benefit of the State had been pre- scribed by another decree to which Louis XVI. had offered no opposition. January 14, Guadet said in the tribune, while speaking of the congress: “If it is true that by delays and discouragement they wish to bring us to accept this shameful mediation, ought the National Assembly to close its eyes to such a danger? Let us all swear to die here rather

than —— ” He was not allowed to finish. The whole assembly rose to their feet, crying: “Yes, yes; we swear it!” And in a burst of enthusiasm, every

Frenchman who would take part in a congress having for its object the modification of the Consti- tution, was declared an infamous traitor. January 17, it was decreed that the King should require the