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At the evening session of the same day, Rouyer, a deputy, proposed to impeach the Minister of Foreign Affairs. “Is it possible,” cried he, “that a perfidi- ous minister should come here to make a parade of his work and lay the responsibility of it on a foreign power? VVill the time never arrive when ministers shall cease to betray us? VVere my head to be the price of the denunciation I am making, I would none the less go on with it.” At the session of Marcli 6, Guadet said: “It is time to know whether the ministers wish to make Louis XVI. King of the French, or the King of Coblentz.”

011 the 10th the storm broke. The day before, Narbonne had received his dismission. Brissot accused De Lessart of having compromised the safety of rance, withheld from the Assembly the docu- ments establishing the alliance between the Emperor and the King of Prussia, discredited the assignats, depreciated the credit, lowered the rate of exchange, and encouraged interior disorder. Vergniaud fol- lowed him, exclaiming: “From the tribune where I am speaking may be seen the palace where per- verse counsellors lead astray and deceive the King given to you by the Constitution; where they forge chains for the nation, and arrange the manoeuvres which are to deliver us up to Austria, after having caused us to pass through the horrors of civil war. Terror and dismay have often issued from that famous palace. Let them re-enter it to-day in the name of the law, let them penetrate all hearts, a11d