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HE drama of th.e Revolution is not French alone; it is European. It has its afterclap in every empire, in every kingdom, even to the most distant lands. It excites minds in Stockholm almost as much as in Paris. Amongthe Swedes there are people whose greatest desire would be to parody the October Days, and to carry about on pikes the bleed- ing heads of their adversaries. The new ideas take fire and spread like a trai11 of gunpowder. It is the fashion to go to extremes; a nameless frenzy and fatality seem let loose upon this epoch of agitations and catastrophes. All those who, at one time or another, have been guests at the palace of Ver- sailles, are condemned, as by a mysterious sentence, either to exile or to death.

How will terminate the career of that brilliant King of Sweden, who had received from Versailles and from Paris, from the court and from the city, such an enthusiastic reception? Gustavus, the idol of the great lords, the philosophers, and the fasl1ion- able beauties, who, after being the hero of the encyclopa-,dists, came to hold his court at AiX-la-