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Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile — 93

providing access to information through the Library Web site, one of the first Internet sites of the Chilean public sector. Among the important services provided are access to Research Department papers, the web-based Legislative Assístant, virtual reference services and the Integrated System for Territorial Information.

By the end of 2000, the Library of the National Congress was recognized as an institution that furthers national governance and promotes information and knowledge management, as a relevant actor in the country’s institutional framework.

In April 2003, chief Librarian Ximena Feliú was succeeded by Ms. Soledad Ferreiro Serrano, who possesses formidable knowledge and work experience in Library and Information environments. She is in the process of designing a quantum leap in the services and products provided to Parliamentarians, on the basis of redesigned client relationships and expanded Library relevance for parliamentary work and activities, promoting change from a task-oriented environment to a client-oriented Library culture.


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