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Paris, 1908; El viage a NicaraguGj a short account, in- cluding some poems, about the trip he made to his native land after an absence of many years, 1909; Letras, 191 1; Toda al vuelo, 1912: two books of ar- ticles mostly on literary subjects; La vida de Ruben Dario escrita por el mismo, 1915. As a prose writer, Dario is also important, for he was one of the forces which brought about the new forms of prose style in Spanish. An edition of his Selected Works was published in Madrid in 19 10 under the title of Obras escogidas, in three volumes: the first contained a long Estudio pre- liminar by Andres Gonzalez Blanco; the second, the selected poems; the third, the selected prose. A new edition of his poems began to appear in Madrid in 1915. In it the poems are given a new ar- rangement, by subjects under titles taken from lines of the Portico of Cantos de vida y esperanza: Y muy siglo diez y ocho . . .; Y muy antiguo . . .; Y muy moderno . . . New York, 1916. 1:46