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Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile — 95

as legislators, representatives and overseers of the Executive, while favoring the disclosure of new possible scenarios in the debate around issues central to the national agenda.


The work do the Library is founded on certain values that guide and give meaning to its activities: to strengthen democracy and citizen participation; with a spirit of service toward the congressional community, with integrity and responsibility in ts advisory capacities; diversity, flexibility and simplicity in access and use of its services and products; together with strict observance of privacy, probity, and transparency in all íts activities.


The staff of 160 employees is distributed in Library installations in the National Congress, in Valparaíso, and in the National Congress building in Santiago, in Compañía 1175, Santiago.

Administrative offices are located in downtown Santiago, in Huérfanos 1117.

The Librarian of Congress is Ms. Soledad Ferreiro Serrano; the Deputy Director is Mr. Alfonso Pérez Guiñez. Both took office in April, 2003.

Departments of the Library

-Legislative and documentary services
Department Head: Mr. Nevihle Blanc Renard (nblanc@bcn.cl)

-Studies and Publications
Department Head: Mr. Edmundo Serani Pradenas (eserani@bcn.cl)

-Production of Information Resources
Department Head: Ms. Marialyse Délano Serrano (mdelano@bcn.cl)

-Administration and Finance
Department Head: Mr. René Martínez Saint-Jean (rmartinez@bcn.cl)

-Digital Services
Mr. Christian Sifaqui Merczak (csifaqui@bcn.cl)


-Information Resources.

The collections of the Library contain 229.161 items, including books, political, economic, and social pamphlets of historical interest, special collections,