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Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile — 96

donated by literary critics, historians, military officers, poets and ex congresspersons, and the Rare and Valuable Books collection.

The Library collects 5.854 non-actualized national and foreign periodicals and 766 periodicals up-to-date.

The Library also maintains a collection of over 4.400.000 press clippings and 14 databases.

-On line chilean legislation.

Users have access to more than 160.000 juridical norms, full text, in both original and actualized formats. This systern is actualized on a daily basis according to the legal daily gazette. The norms available include the Constitution of Chile of 1980; the law codes of the Republic; more than 13.300 acts; more than 72.000 Decrees, and some 55.000 administrative rules.

-Records of legislative activities.

Users also have on-line access to the speeches, motions, indications and, generally, all session participation of congresspersons, since 1813 to date. Sources are the Gazettes of the Upper and Lower Houses.

-History of the Law.

This service makes available background information on the bill tracking after is promulgated as a law of the Republic. This information is used to determine the intention and mind of the legislator and is available as of 1811 to date. A selection of materials is available on line, in full text, on the Library Web site.

-On line Catalogue.

The on me catalogue available on the web site (www.bcn.cl) offers searches by author, title, topic or key word, over more than 143.000 titles, including books, pamphlets and priodicals.

-Study research and consultancy services.

This service provides in studies, reports, and briefing notes prepared by multidisciplinary teams of professionals who generate products in both simple formats and other more complex products, in order to solve the information needs of parlamentaries and congressional committees. Diverse sources are used to prepare synthetic visions of national and international issues being addressed in Congress or that will be relevant to the national agenda.