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Below follows a specimen of the copy permits, which is available to all users. You can modify or erase any paragraph when necessary. Once you get an answer add a link to the new page in the section "concluded permits" and copy there the request and the (positive or negative) answer.


From: ------
To: ---------
Sent: ------------------
Subject: From Wikisource, the free library

I am addressing you as contributor of to request your authorization to copy material of your webpage and upload it to our page.

Under the policies of our webpage and of the Wikimedia Foundation, from which we depend, we have to be specially careful with copyrights. For this reason we can include only texts that are in public domain or under GNU license (

Therefore, we would need to know under which license we can publish "Author or work" texts.

All comments exchanged and their final response will be published in the following page:, which will be kept as a record of the contact made.

Finally, please specify clearly the license granted, your name and surname and position (webmaster, representative, etc.)

We thank you very much for your attention and look forward to a prompt reply.

"Your name"
Wikisource (Spanish) contributor
Nick: "Your Nick in wikisource"

CONCLUDED request negotiations of permits and licenses[editar]

People from other projects have requested copy permits to different sites and institutions which you can find here:

Due to matters of space, once request negotiations end, a page will be created where all pertinent communications will be stored. It's address can be found here:

CURRENT request negotiations of permits and licences[editar]

Jorge Otero Menéndez[editar]

  • Permit request and copyrights assignment

El Caldero Mágico[editar]

Request of copy permit of the spanish translation[editar]

Licenses of original works[editar]