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This is not something malicious, but I believe that in presenting a full publication with something like this book, I am obligated to present a consistency in formatting for the reader. We have pages which link to previous and next for most, but poems that already existed prior to proofreading this work do not have these parameters, so a reader is left with an inability to continue navigating with respect to the publication at hand. So, I have reverted the pages that existed prior to transclusion back to their original state, in order to respect the formatting designs preferred by the editor LadyinGrey. At this junction, it is widely accepted as fair to her that we have not tampered with her preference. But in the end, my goal is for the reader to be able to navigate through the book as intended by the author and publisher of Producciones literarias.

So, my goal is to respect the original editor, and the publication. The solution is to allow both to exist. It is not uncommon, for multiple versions of the same work to exist, so I believe this is a happy medium for all parties. The reader and the proofreaders can navigate and present a consistent run through the publication, and the original editor can keep the formatting they prefer :) - Theornamentalist (discusión) 16:23 29 abr 2012 (UTC)Reply[responder]

I disagree. The only text by Dolores Veintimilla not included in this work is "Necrología". All the previous edits are versions without djvu backup. It's a no-brainer. This is just madness. --StephenDaedalus (discusión) 16:48 29 abr 2012 (UTC)Reply[responder]
What, the different versions? I know it seems crazy now because we have such a small amount of works here, but that will happen over time. It only comes from experience, that her popular works will appear in many publications. We need to have someway to allow for all to exist without choosing a definitive one. - Theornamentalist (discusión) 17:10 29 abr 2012 (UTC)Reply[responder]
Check out The Raven; none is better than the other, all are publications and each deserve their place. What started out as one has grown into many over the years. I assure you, this will happen.
In fact, although trivial, there are distinct differences between the publications of Quejas; some are typographical, some are archaic spellings, some are illustrated or partitioned differently, even a couple I noticed with completely different words! - Theornamentalist (discusión) 17:13 29 abr 2012 (UTC)Reply[responder]

Esto no es nada feliz para ambas partes Theo, sabes bien la regla referente a las subpaginas. Si Lady y tu tienen discusiones, pues resuelvanlas, pero hacer esto ya es ir muy lejos. Las versiones djvu de libros en español tienen que actualizar a las otras versiones, no crear una pagina aparte, ahora tenemos poemas repetidos iguales en todos los sentidos. No se permitira que se rompan reglas por pleitos concernientes a algo tan poco importante como el formato de una pagina, esto raya en lo infantil. Por favor, no involucrar la integridad del proyecto por discusiones. --Freddy Eduardo (discusión) 17:16 29 abr 2012 (UTC)Reply[responder]

Umm, I can look for it if you'd like, but I distinctly remember you telling me that we do not simply replace djvu files with plain text. This was probably close to a year ago, but that's what you told me. I remember something like "we can have multiple versions of both" being said.
Whatever, just fix all the links and stuff. - Theornamentalist (discusión) 17:26 29 abr 2012 (UTC)Reply[responder]

Besides, now a reader reading this book will click on A un reloj after reading the previous sections and be like, wtf? Where is the link to the next poem? All because we are so petty here with headers. I thought I came up with a solution that you supported (multiple versions, ie, plain text and djvu), one which benefited the original uploader (LIG) and one which benefited the reader (the continuity of navigation). - Theornamentalist (discusión) 17:30 29 abr 2012 (UTC)Reply[responder]

Por supuesto, asi mismo si el lector dice "Quiero leer otro poema, quiero regresar al indice", va a decir "WTF???"... Oh cierto, encabe no sirve para enlazar a la portada...--Freddy Eduardo (discusión) 17:38 29 abr 2012 (UTC)Reply[responder]
Diverting the focus of the discussion is unecessary. Look, the header was built for subpages. Which were allowed for nearly half a year. Thousands of pages are built with them. But back to your divergence, if I fix it to handle both, you will gladly use {{encabe}} - Theornamentalist (discusión) 18:25 29 abr 2012 (UTC)Reply[responder]

lol, no habia visto los cambios de encabezados que han dejado la mitad de los poemas desconectados entre si. Aparentemente era optimista pensar que el trabajo de corrección/validación/traducción quedaba fuera del alcance de esta clase de vandalismo legal. --StephenDaedalus (discusión) 18:30 29 abr 2012 (UTC)Reply[responder]

No usare tu plantilla Theo, si solucionas ese problema, seria magnifico para todas las paginas que la usan; pero mi eleccion de otra plantilla sigue muchas mas razones. --Freddy Eduardo (discusión) 18:41 29 abr 2012 (UTC)Reply[responder]