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Información acerca de la edición de Biblia Reina-Valera 1909
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Año primera edición: 1909

Fuente: https://www.bibliatodo.com/la-biblia/version/Reina-Valera-1909
Fuente alternativa: Obra en el Proyecto Gutenberg

Contribución y/o corrección por: Korocotta

Revisión y/o validación por: David Haslam (véase Discusión:Biblia Reina-Valera 1909/Romanos/16)

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Notas: "Reina Valera 1909. Casiodoro de Reina ©. american bible. Versión de Dominio Público."

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Santiago = Jacobo[editar]

The main contents for the NT includes these two books:

  • Epístola de Santiago
  • Epístola de Jacobo

These are the same book. There should only be one of these listed. David Haslam (discusión)

@David Haslam: Thanks, David. Jacobo was redirecting to Santiago; I've deleted Jacobo link. Best regards. (Traducción: Epístola de Santiago y Epístola de Jacobo son lo mismo.)-Aleator 17:07 7 abr 2018 (UTC)

Italics markup for words added by the translators[editar]

This Wikisource edition of the RV1909 does not have any words marked in italics (as they are in printed editions) to indicate that these were added by the translators to make readable Spanish, i.e. where there is no directly equivalent words in the original languages, Hebrew or Greek. In an accurate digital edition, one would expect to see approximately 3500 locations with italics markup. This is a serious weakness of the current edition. David Haslam (discusión) 20:18 5 may 2018 (UTC)


I ping @David Haslam: if he is around, maybe he could help us! I found this digitalization, that could correspond to the RV1909. Although, in wikipedia it says that RV1909 was finally printed in 1923, and the archive.org one is printed in 1914. Also this one, that seems to be identical to the first, but with no date. I checked some verses that are different in some bibles, and this one seems like the RV1909 that is all around the web. But I am no expert, so I'll leave it here in hope of further explanations. --Ninovolador (discusión) 17:22 26 dic 2019 (UTC)