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Francisco Bernal[editar]

Solicito el bloqueo de la página Francisco Bernal para evitar una "guerra de ediciones", hasta que en la página de discusión de la misma, o en otra página de discusión, se justifique por qué ha de permanecer en Wikisource, si todo apunta a que ha de moverse a Wikipedia, o borrarse. -Aleator (disc.) 22:23 14 feb 2010 (UTC)[responder]

Plantilla May[editar]

Hola. Solicito que se desproteja Acta fundacional de Falange Socialista Boliviana (o que se proteja pero no en cascada), para poder modificar la plantilla {{May}} (ya que tiene un salto de linea molesto). Gracias. -Aleator 21:47 19 jul 2010 (UTC)[responder]

¿Alguien podría crear para Wikisource español esta plantilla que está en la Wikisource en Griego?[editar]

¿O habrá en Wikisource Español una plantilla que cumpla esa función? Lo necesito rápido para trabajar en los artículos, mejorarlos.

¡Gracias de antemano! --Gustavolaime (discusión) 16:24 13 ago 2012 (UTC)[responder]

Plantilla:Anclaje. Saludos --Freddy Eduardo (discusión) 01:02 14 ago 2012 (UTC)[responder]

Many new account creations[editar]

Hi Freddy eduardo, LadyInGrey and others. The stewards attention has been brought to the number of account creations locally, and I can see a lot in the past week. Some of these concerns especially relate to the potential for sock accounts. Are you aware of any reason for the recent number of accounts creations? Is this usual for esWS? (from my quick invesstigation it seems to have started on 1 October) If there are local concerns from 'crats and admins, and you would like some investigations then please ask one or some stewards, or a note at m:Stewards' noticeboard.

As an extra note, from my recent experiences there would seem to be a small and steady stream of spambots in among those account creations, that I may come back and globlly lock these accounts later. They are a persistent and parasitic issue accross all the wikis presently. Billinghurst (discusión) 22:10 12 oct 2012 (UTC)[responder]

This wiki already gone through a very similar previous episode. It is unusual thing of massive creations is not common. Here we do not have local checkusers. Come to the case any Steward could check if they are sockpuppets. --Ignacio Flag of Uruguay.svg (discusión) 22:40 12 oct 2012 (UTC)[responder]
Yes a steward could, though there would need to be the indication that there is a problem with this. I agree that it is an unusual event, though I am not certain whether it is against a local policy to have multiple accounts, or whether it is just a preference. I brought it here so that the community can discuss it, and direct stewards if any actions are required. — billinghurst sDrewth 14:57 13 oct 2012 (UTC)[responder]
There is no policy in this respect. Although it seems to be the same as in You can have all the accounts that you want to, but do not use them badly, or be, they are useful and not violate policies. But it is clear that is this abusing hundreds of accounts and creating mass accounts with potential to be spambots (It does not have to follow a pattern). I am in favour of a steward check accounts. Although the first would have to participate the sysops and crats --Ignacio Flag of Uruguay.svg (discusión) 17:46 13 oct 2012 (UTC)[responder]
Please Billinghurst, stop the spambot. I think that there are more than 1000 accounts. We saw the same before: Thank you, --LadyInGrey (discusión) 01:43 14 oct 2012 (UTC)[responder]
I have finished for now. The accounts all show Ecuador as the point of origin. I believe that I see at least three providers, including a university. All up over 40 big IP ranges, so IP blocks would need to be significant and would have impacts on other Ecuadorean users. I have a register of the accounts with sufficient detail that can be taken to the ISPs, if it is warranted. I will try to look in once a day to check, though if the problem is reoccuring then please do let me know. — billinghurst sDrewth 12:28 14 oct 2012 (UTC)[responder]