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Posible bug[editar]

A falta de profundizar en el tema, intento restaurar una página "validada" (verde) y me salta el error "Hubo un error en la totalidad o en parte del proceso de la restauración: No tienes permitido cambiar el estado de corrección de esta página." (corresponde a id="mw-error-cannotundelete"). Como bypass, se puede restaurar una página "corregida" (amarillo) -Aleator 15:02 1 oct 2018 (UTC)

@Ninovolador: ¿Puedes intentar restaurar la versión que falta por restaurar de Página:El tungsteno.pdf/5? Creo que te dará el mismo error, pero quizás no. ¡Gracias! -Aleator 15:05 1 oct 2018 (UTC)
@Aleator:Mismo problema. Solo puedo restaurar la versión "corregida" de dicha página, no la validada. Habrá que reportar en phab: --Ninovolador (discusión) 15:13 1 oct 2018 (UTC)
@Candalua: Hi, Candalua!!! Ninovolador and I, as sysops, are trying to undelete a validated (green) page but gives us an undeletion error ("mw-error-cannotundelete"). Other pages are restored OK (yellow, pink, grey). Before opening a phabricator task, I'd like to make you a question.
I remember one issue about user rights in validation of pages but I cannot find it, and my memory is very lazy, you'll remember that my pigrizia is biblical! :) Do you remember if there was implemented any user right related to modifying page status "on-air", that is, a user that can move from pink or grey to green directly, or whatever status/colour (s)he likes? The idea is that if this user right exists, the undelete error could be bypassed. I ask to you directly because I've seen you have moved to the "dark side" of hard-coding and maybe it's an easy question for you. Anyway, grazzie mile! Ah, and thanks for simplifying the word-hyphenation issue!! -Aleator 17:11 1 oct 2018 (UTC)
Hi @Aleator:! Yes, I remember :) I tried to dig a little into the "dark side", I found out that the extension actually provides a user right which is called pagequality-admin and allows you to override the page status without limits; this was done to solve phab:T167491, and it was actually assigned to the sysop group so that any sysop could change page status, BUT unfortunately it seems that some people considered this too risky, so it was removed. I think the idea could actually be resurrected if @Tpt: agrees. --Candalua (discusión) 20:58 2 oct 2018 (UTC)
Hi! This user right still exists, it is only disabled by default. After community consensus you could ask to enable it for a given eswikisource user group by opening a new task on phabricator with tags wikimedia-site-requetst and ProofreadPage. Tpt (discusión) 19:09 6 oct 2018 (UTC)